Teztan Biny (Fish Lake)




“Blue Gold: The Tsilhqot’in Fight for Teztan Biny (Fish Lake)”

A film by Susan Smitten.

~ Winner of two Honourable Mentions for Best Conservation Message and Best Use of Natural Sound in the Montana CINE International Film Festival! ~

Blue Gold expresses the Tsilhqot’in peoples’  rejection of Taseko Mines Ltd.’s initial proposal to drain Teztan Biny (Fish Lake) in order to stockpile mining waste.


It is not possible for us to agree

to the destruction of the land

that sustains us.”

~ former Chief Marilyn Baptiste,

Xeni Gwet’in Nation.

For more information:

For a summary of the second Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency report, see <http://www.ceaa-acee.gc.ca/050/documents/p63928/95790E.pdf&gt;

See the Tsilhqot’in Nation’s statement in preparation for the second Federal Review Panel public hearing on Taseko Mines Ltd.’s proposal for the New Prosperity mine: <http://www.raventrust.com/media/fishlake/20130620TsilhqotinNationPreparesforPanelHearings.pdf

For a Summary of the first Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency report, see  <http://fonv.ca/fishlake&gt;

Backgrounder at <fihttp://www.raventrust.com/fishlaketeztanbiny/video-bluegold.html>  and <http://www.raventrust.com/

July 22, 2013 – Aug. 23, 2013: Second Federal Review panel hearings on New Prosperity Mine Proposal.  Details at: <http://www.raventrust.com/events.html&gt;

Fish Lake Alliance Documents page:  <http://www.fishlakealliance.ca/Support_Documents.html&gt;

Friends of Fish Lake:  <https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfFishLake?ref=hl&gt;

R.A.V.E.N Overview:  <http://www.raventrust.com/fishlaketeztanbiny.html&gt;

Photo credit: Lorraine Weir


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