Expert Witness Work (selected)

As a literary theorist, I have been involved in a variety of legal cases concerned with questions of artistic value and merit, textual interpretation, and the meaning of fiction.  Such theoretical modalities as various forms of hermeneutics can be of assistance in addressing the genre, structure, and intent of texts and their literary, cultural or community significance. I have worked with a variety of impugned texts ranging from the work of Geoff Mains in Little Sister’s to Asha’s Mums and One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dad in the Surrey School Board case to the short stories and novellas of Robin Sharpe to vintage popular fiction, contemporary anime, and comic books. Having begun my research career by working on James Joyce, one of  the most frequently censored of modern writers, I have been concerned with issues of censorship and literary merit for many years.  In connection with R.v.Sharpe, Community Hero of the Year Award finalist, Xtra West, 2003.

Selected cases:

For the Plaintiffs,  “Little Sister’s Bookshop and the BCCLA v. the Minister of National Revenue and the Department of Justice,” BCSC (1994).

For the Plaintiffs,  “James Chamberlain et al. v. the Board of Trustees of School District  #36” (Surrey School Board), BCSC  (1998)

For the Defense,  “R. v. Sharpe, ” BCSC  ( 2002)

For the Crown, “R. v. Cheng,” BCPC  (Vancouver, 2006)

For the Crown, “R. v. Miller,”  BCPC  (North Vancouver, 2008)

For the Defense, “R. v. Leugner,” SKPC (Moose Jaw, 2009)

For the Defense, “R. v. Joslin,” BCPC  (Abbotsford, 2010)

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